Close impeller with investment casting process is quite difficult to cast. Now a days all the industries are required very efficient pumps and close impellers have capacity to satisfy this requirement. But the problem is that with sand casting process it is possible to cast but with investment casting process is difficult. As everyone is knowing that investment casting gives better precision, surface finish and many more.

We are very thank full to FLOWCHEM ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. for giving us this opportunity and keeping faith on us. We have adopted our best technique and very smart workmanship to get better result. Creative Engineers team works so hard with very smart workmanship and got result up to customer satisfaction. We have casted Close impeller with minimum 6mm vane gap and 200mm diameter to 11mm vane gap and 315mm diameter. For all this impeller vane thickness, upper and lower disc thickness is only 3 to 3.5mm. We are also very thank full for our CREATIVE ENGINEERS TEAM, whose efforts are converts in good result.